Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of surfaces can you fix?

Most of our clients use our services for wood repairs, but we have also performed miracles on granite, marble, ceramic, and leather.

How do you price your services?

Every problem we encounter is unique, and requires a creative solution. We will give you an estimate based on:

  • Time
  • Supplies
  • Difficulty
  • Visibility (an eye-level repair will often require more effort than one near the floor)
  • Timing (expedited service may be subject to a fee)
  • Location (travel outside of Nassau and western Suffolk may be subject to a fee)

Our company policy is to save you time and money, so we will let you know if your best option is replacement or a service we don’t offer

How busy are you?

Most small or medium sized jobs can be scheduled within one or two weeks, and larger projects may require a bit more lead time. Our schedule tends to fill up quickly from the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving through Christmas.

Will your repairs last?

Yes, our repairs are generally designed to be at least as strong as the original surface.

Keep in mind though, wood tends to expand when the air is humid, and contract when dry. You may notice seams and panel shrinking/shifting during winter months when your home’s heating keeps the air dry. This is the nature of wood, and not our repairs.

How good do your repairs look?

Here’s what the PDCA Industry Standards have to say about touch ups:

“The acceptability of the surface shall be determined when viewed without magnification, at a distance of thirty-nine (39) inches or one (1) meter or more, under finished lighting conditions and from a normal viewing position.”

However, many of our customers expect better than that, and we take pride in rising to whatever challenge is given to us.

Legacy Touch Ups LLC is owned and operated by a family of skilled artists who graduated from their various trades and training, and joined forces to create a quicker, less expensive, greener option than replacing your imperfectly good stuff.  Armed with a unique wealth of training and experience, we are the people to call when you have a surface problem to solve.