Why do companies use our service?

Replacement costs can be expensive, and your business loses valuable time replacing and repairing worn out or damaged areas in your facility. Legacy Touch Ups works quickly and efficiently with no downtime at all.

Let us share an experience…

In early 2018 we helped restore areas in NYU Winthrop Hospital. The estimated cost for the hospital to replace the damaged areas far exceeded the cost for Legacy Touch Ups to restore their woodwork. We saved them over $65,000 and they never had to close off any areas or experince any downtime.

NYU Winthrop Hospital Replace vs. Restore:


Things we fix: chips, holes, seams, cracks, dents, scratches, scuffs, gouges, panel shrink/shift, discoloration, missing finish, water damage, chemical wear, pet scratches/chews, bad touch-ups, crooked doors…

Legacy Touch Ups can help: Does your office, receptions area, hallway, or any other part of your facility look worn out? Are you sending the wrong message to tenants and prospective tenants? Have you been putting off repairs, because you thought they’d simply cost to much? Is your facility long overdue for the makeover you know it needs? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then it’s time to call Legacy Touch Ups

Where to Begin:
1.  Can your business save money by having the beat-up reception desk touched up instead of replacing it?

  • Things to consider:
  • -Type of surface (wood, metal, stone, leather, etc.)
  • -Type of damage (dings, dents, discoloration, etc.)
  • -Color (any information you can provide helps)
  • -Sheen (in order: dead-flat, flat, matte, satin, semi-gloss, gloss.  Take a guess.)

2.  Contact us by phone, text, or email to set up an appointment.  Send us pictures of the damage- it helps a lot! 

3.  We’ll come to you to see and discuss the work you want done, and we’ll give you an estimate on what it’ll cost.  

What to expect:
Upon arrival, we lay drop cloths on the floors and cover nearby things with plastic sheeting, masking tape, towels, etc.  Sometimes we just bring in a small toolbox, and sometimes we wheel in a cart of supplies. Because every repair is unique, we have a huge arsenal of tools and supplies for various methods of touching up.

Surfaces must be cleaned before they can be touched up.  Having everything thoroughly cleaned beforehand will save us time, and save you money!

Legacy Touch Ups LLC is owned and operated by a family of skilled artists who graduated from their various trades and training, and joined forces to create a quicker, less expensive, greener option than replacing your imperfectly good stuff.  Armed with a unique wealth of training and experience, we are the people to call when you have a surface problem to solve.